Horseback riding in Trilj

Price: 140 € per tour (Car)

Price: 160 € per tour (Van)

Ticket price per person: 32 €

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Join us for a horseback riding tour and saddle up to ride the trails at some of scenic Trilj area destinations. We will take you to the Equestrian Club Sv. Mihovil in Trilj for two hours riding surrounded by the untouched nature of Cetina river banks, the cultivated fields, vineyards and hidden springs.

Stable Galop is heaven for horseback riders who want an authentic Dalmatia hinterland experience. Certified instructors will introduce you to the horses and accompany you throughout the tour. Expert riders can rent a horse and ride solo, and guided trips are offered as well. Beginner riders are welcome, so bring the entire family for a memorable trip through the Trilj area.

 All the equipment is provided at the stable.

The town of Trilj (lat. Pons Tiluri, Tilurium) and its surroundings are known since Roman times, for the many archaeological sites in the area. Millions of people around the globe enjoy football, and few know that the cradle of football was in the village of Gardun, and seated the 7th Roman legion of Tiluri. Football, according to FIFA’s claims, played in Tiluri 2000 years ago.

The gastronomy of Trilj and its surroundings

Trilj and its surroundings are a unique gastronomic destination widely known for many original dishes, such as frogs, fish, and specialties of crab, meals under a beak, „arambašići“(sauerkraut leaves stuffed with beef, pork and veal meat cut into small pieces and seasonings), lamb, pit-roasted young cock, smoked and dried lamb, venison/game meat, smoked ham, goat and cow cheese, fritter. We recommend the local restaurant Čaporice, with an exceptional gastronomic offer and river view terrace, located in Sv. Mihovil Hotel in Trilj.       

Accipiter Tours invites you to find out about Croatian sights; visit the nearby national parks and ancient cities with their millennial historical heritage. Direct departure from the location where you are accommodated.

Our vehicles can accommodate up to seven passengers, are air-conditioned and the vehicle and passengers have all-risk insurance.

Indicated prices include driving you to the desired destination and back, for 1-7 people.

For all the excursions, with a previous announcement and a charge, we provide professional guidance. Tickets for individual sites, tour guide, and lunch are not included in the price.